It was quite bright, and my back was propped up against cushions, leveling my gaze out over a room of high quality. I felt rather like I must be in a posh hotel, that sort of bed and breakfast you found scattered around the continent, filled with furniture from another age, inherited or purchased from antique dealers, flea markets.


1. Edward Arlés Wakes Up

After some great calamity, so begins the story of Edward Arlés, who awakens with no memories of his past, but a pressing certainty that this body is not his. The rules he is familiar with no longer apply. His idea of how the world should work does not map with reality. He is now stuck in the body of a child, and a “guest” of the mysterious Lady Kell Silverbranch for the foreseeable future.

This would be all well and good for a little holiday, but of course nothing is so simple. The Lady Kell Silverbranch and her daughter are not human. They are dryads. Mythical creatures with potentially city-destroying magical power, and a penchant for holding grudges. And it looks like he’s woken in the middle of a plot that, if it succeeds, would see the both of them murdered.

This is a web novel, but there’s no real schedule for updating it. So if you like the story and want to know what happens next, let me know on Twitter so I can put a little more effort into it.