I was born early morning on Varsday, the 34th day of Lapis, in a small village called Allunis, about three days ride from Darn.

I cannot tell you about my journey without telling you first about the Labyrinth; How it haunted our small village, the changes it forced upon us, the sacrifices it forced us to make. That wretched door, hallway into the abyss, and how it opened, are both the history of Allunis, and the history of me.


1. Etwin!
2. Goblins!
3. Guild!
4. Hunt!

The Labyrinth is the story of a small community that is changed forever when a long dormant Entrance awakens from its slumber. For the town of Allunis, this brings new opportunities. After all, the Entrances are gateways to the mythical Labyrinth that sprawls under the Kingdom of Uhrl. But with new opportunities comes new problems, not only from the monsters called by the promise of new magical power, but the humans called by the promise of untold riches.

This is a serialized web novel, but there is no real schedule for updating it. So if you like the story, please let me know and I’ll try pour a little more effort into it.