Finally. VR doesn’t suck. Good start! People are finally free to explore vast online worlds from the comfort of their homes without looking like complete dorks. Sure, it’s not quite the “full dive” experience that anime promised us, but by using state the art VR helmets that create a simulated world right in front of your eyes, it’s about as close to reality as you can get going to get without actually going outside.

But no matter how many polygons you render per frame, how many frames per second, fake is still fake: all you need to do to get back to boring old reality is pull the helmet up over your head. So what exactly does it mean when you run into somebody who seems to be trapped in the game?


1. Random Encounters
2. Starter Quest
4. Duty
5. Newb

Infinity Saga Online was originally written under the name The Furies as web novel released between 2013-2015 on a few platforms. It never really took off but I still finished writing the the first and second books: “The Ghost”, and “Orlonia”. They were professionally edited, and finally published in a combined volume simply titled “The Ghost” in 2017.

This page will periodically release slightly updated and revised chapters from that published version, under the name Infinity Saga Online, leading up to the release of new chapters for book 3, and a re-release of the revised books.

If you like the story and want to get ahead of the release schedule (and you’re OK reading the slightly out of date version), you can always buy The Ghost from the list of Amazon links below (you’ll be taken to the country specific page – these aren’t affiliate links but obviously I’m making money if you buy the book).

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