Hello, I’m HMT5U! If you came here from a link on one of my books, then it’s great to see you again. If you stumbled here from some other part of the web, it’s nice to meet you. After literally I swear twenty years of dragging my feet this page is it’s where I’ll post my fiction, I promise. On this site you can find new chapters of my web novels, read short stories, or learn about my published books. Sadly, all these use cases come with slow refresh rates, but I do my best.

In case you’re wondering, I currently pretty close to Osaka, having only just recently moved here after living in Tokyo for quite a few years. Before that I lived in Australia (where I was born) for a bit on and off, and asides that spent a lot more time living in the Shiga prefecture, not too far from where I am now. I write pretty much any kind of story that comes to mind, so I’m afraid I don’t really have much congruence to offer you – if you came here because you liked one of the things I wrote, I won’t take it personally if you can’t stand anything else.

Although I wish I were doing this full time, I actually work at a software company during the day. Thankfully (?) not as a programmer any more, though I did that for a fairly decent time too. While I do hope one day that (possibly through some chain of misunderstandings and mistakes?) I’m hired to write the outline for a magical girl anime, for now I’ll make do with the little updates on this site. Other than that all my free time goes into hanging out with my family and reading manga.

I am the author of “The Ghost”, which is described on this page, and also children’s book “Billy vs the Butt Blast Bandit” (under the name H.M.T), and a few others which are not linked on this site.

Please feel free to get in touch at talk@hmtsu.com. I’m not very good at writing letters, but I do like hearing from people.